18 Feb 2012

Review: MasterChef Kitchen Bible, DK Publishing

Since unwrapping this book on Christmas Day, I have been unable to put it down. Unlike most

 conventional cookbooks, it contains more than just recipes! This book is the ideal starting point for a newbie, as half of the book is dedicated to the technical side of cooking. With ‘how to’ guides from boiling an egg to spatchcocking a bird, it enables the reader to learn the basics and not-so-basics to cook like a professional. One technique which I found particularly cool was how to make jelly from scratch, using gelatine leaves and fruit. The book also has a very useful section which goes through flavour pairings, enabling aspiring masterchefs to conjure up their own mouth-watering masterpieces, buonissimo!
The book itself is very detailed, and contains the perfect ratio of text to pictures, making it well-illustrated and easy to follow. Even my man, who used to be a fan of letting me to do the cooking whilst he shouted words of encouragement (ie ‘hurry up’) from the living room, has picked it up many times and been inspired to create some tantalising treats! We also combined some of the recipes, using the flavour pairings guide, to come up with completely new ones and felt decidedly smug with the results!

I am so impressed with this book, that the only real flaw I can find is more of a general flaw with cookbooks. I think that the pages should be waterproof, though I am a particularly clumsy cook so that is, perhaps, just me! Bravo to Dorling Kindersley Publishing for creating a true culinary bible, bravo!  

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  1. I absolutely love Masterchef so this is definitely going on my wishlist! The technical sections could also really help me as my way of cooking is pretty much slap it in the pan and hope for the best!


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