21 Feb 2012

Recipe: Ukrainian pancakes

Well today is pancake day and, as I traditionally use Shrove Tuesday as an excuse to have pancakes for every meal, I have to think outside the box to find some original pancake recipes. This afternoon is no exception. I have been embracing my Ukrainian roots, and so I give you... Deruny (Ukrainian potato pancakes). 

650g (ish) potatoes
1 onion
150g flour
2 eggs
3tbsp sour cream
Dill, to taste
Salt/Pepper, to taste
Olive oil
1. Grate the potatoes and onions into a large bowl, adding the salt, pepper and dill to your taste. I personally can't get enough dill, so used tons of it! 
2. Pour a drizzle of olive oil into the frying pan and heat on the hob.
3. Add the flour, eggs and sour cream then mix to form a batter.
4. Take a handful at a time of the mixture and make into pattie shapes, fry until crispy on both sides. I would recommend four patties at a time, depending on the size of your pan.
5. Places the pancakes on kitchen roll to get rid of excess flour, then serve with a dollop of sour cream and sprinkle with Dill. (Yes, I'm a Dill fiend!)


  1. That sounds and looks absolutely fantastic! It reminds me a lot of similar pan cakes (Kartoffelpuffer) my gran used to make for me. Thanks for the recipe I will definitely try it out!

  2. Love the alternative recipe!
    Set out simply and clearly, and is very informative.


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