12 Feb 2012

Review: Food Blogs

This week I have dusted off my metaphorical surf board and jumped head first into a sea of foodie blogs, on the hunt of some inspiration for my own blog. Here is a selection of the most hunger-inducing blogs around:

Whilst reading this charming 'American in Paris' blog, I can't help but be reminded of the story of Julia Child (the mother of baking). It follows the story of a self-proclaimed 'Paris transplant' from Philly, who fell in love and moved to France.  The posts are apt and interesting, and broken up with stunning photographs of food and France.  The layout is chic and elegant, very fitting for a Parisienne. What more could a girl ask?
Being written by the 2010 winner of The Great British Bake Off, I was expecting great things from this blog … and I was not disappointed!  Depicting many a chocolate and cakey adventure and with professional-looking photographs, it left my mouth salivating so much that I had to go and make a sandwich! The simple yet effective layout looks great, even on my little netbook screen.
I was immediately drawn to this blog and, with a name like that, who wouldn't be?  Though the very basic layout is not as imaginitive as others I've seen, the content did not disappoint. It is well illustrated with poiniant pictures and wonderful words. With interesting supject matter, combining food with travel, I can't fault it.
With a plethora of tantalising pictures to swoon over, I have immediately forgotten the somewhat simple layout. The posts are snappy and to the point, why beat around the bush? The posts contain the perfect balance of local and faraway cuisine, with many exotic-looking dishes which I cannot wait to try!
Last, but by no means least, I will focus on a slightly different blog. A blog of wonderful wine! The individual newspaper-style layout makes the blog seem very above-par, and for just cause. Being a topic which of I know little, I found the blog to be interesting, informative and well written.

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