16 Dec 2012

Recipe: Gummy Sweets!

So Christmas is almost upon us, but when advent is over... DON'T throw away the plastic mould from inside your advent calendar! It is the perfect vessel and excuse for making gummy sweets (not that anyone should need an excuse!). The best part? They couldn't be easier to make and would be an excellent stocking filler/Christmas day treat - if you're willing to share, that is!! 

Here's how it's done:

14 Oct 2012

Recipe: Tortoise Cake

Ladies and gentlemen, following my brief summer vay-cay I am back and bloggier (that's definitely a real word, honest!) than ever before. And if you can think of a better way to celebrate my return than baking a cake, I will eat my hat.* Now, those near/dear to me know all about my love for tortoises, so much so that I dream of making tortoise cakes in my sleep (true story right there). Here is a little tutorial for you to make tortoises, and other weird/wonderful creations, to your hearts content!
(*my hat is actually made of cake)

1 Apr 2012

Factoid: How to market your food blog

If Facebook were a country, it would be the third largest in the world. This puts into perspective the sheer number of web users, so how do you stop your wonderful blog from getting lost in a sea of blogs? As a PR student, I believe that the key is good marketing, and in this guide I plan to show you how it's done!

28 Mar 2012

Interview: Sara Chan, the hottest new pinny designer

Following the recent comeback of home-baking, and with the success of such kitsch brands as Cath Kidston, an epidemic of polka dots and florals has been sweeping up and down the land. It's no big surprise, then, that the quaint pinny is making a great British revival. Spurring on this revival is pinny designer and domestic goddess, Sara Chan. Earlier this week, we at MuchAdough caught up with Sara for her first ever public pinny interview!